Candy Stripe Red & Green Metallic

Candy Stripe Red & Green Metallic

This is a stunning fabric in red and green stripes, this material has a metallic thread running through it giving it a lovely shimmer.

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  • Product Details

    Composition: Cotton blend

    Weight: Light to medium

    Era: Vintage

    Print Size: Narrow stripes

    Quantity Available: 1-2 dresses

    Styles Available: This fabric works well for all of our dress styles in knee length up to midi length

    Production Time: Dresses take 2-4 weeks to make in a standard size or 3-8 weeks made to measure plus 1-2 days to ship within the UK (or 1-2 weeks for international shipping)

    Express Option: Please email us if you need a dress more quickly and want to find out about our express service

  • How to Order

    Order a Dress Online

    If you would like to order a dress to be made in this fabric (only) then please choose "Dress Order" for your Order Type and select the bodice, sleeve and skirt style that you would like from the drop down menus and place your order using the form below. Our dresses can be made in a range of standard sizes (UK 6-20) or made to measure for an additional £35-£50. Please see the tabs below for more info on sizing.

    If you would like to combine this fabric with a lace overlay then please use our Design Your Own Dress app here to experiment with the design that you would like and then submit it to us for a quote and to find out what lace fabrics we currently have that would be appropriate.

    Request a Fabric Swatch

    If you would like to see a sample of this fabric before ordering please send select "Fabric Swatch" from the drop down menu for "Order Type" and we will send you a swatch. 

    Put Down a Fabric Deposit

    Our fabrics all come in limited quantities and so if you know that you would like to have a dress made in this fabric but are not yet ready to place your order then please select "Fabric Deposit" from the drop down menu and we will reserve the fabric until you are ready to order. To make sure that we will reserve the correct amount of fabric please write your approximate size and the style of dress that you would like in the "Extra Info" box at the bottom of the page and also tell us approximately when you think you will be ready to order. 

    Fabric Deposits are non refundable or transferable and we will reserve the fabric for 1 year unless otherwise arranged. The cost of the fabric deposit will be deducted from the price of the dress when you place your order.

    Visit our Shop

    If you would like to visit our shop/studio in Brighton to try on our different styles or to get measured up for a dress in person then please contact us to make an appointment.


    Phone: 01273 676402

    Address: 175 Edward Street, Brighton, England, BN2 0JB

    Opening Times: Open Wed-Sat 10am-5pm (Closed Sun-Tues)

  • Standard Size Chart

    Size UK 6 fits Waist 24"/ 25" and Bust 31"/ 32"

    Size UK 8 fits Waist 26”/27" and Bust 33”/34"

    Size UK 10 fits Waist 27”/28" and Bust 35”/36"

    Size UK 12 fits Waist 29”/30" and Bust 37”/38"

    Size UK 14 fits Waist 31”/32" and Bust 39”/40"

    Size UK 16 fits Waist 33”/34" and Bust 41”/42"

    Size UK 18 fits Waist 35”/36" and Bust 43”/44"

    Size UK 20 fits Waist 38”/39” and Bust 46”/47”

    If your bust and waist measurements do not match with the same standard size then you might benefit from taking the full set of measurements and having a dress made to measure.

    Our made to measure service costs an additional £35 if you take your own measurements and send them to us and means we will custom make the dress to your specific measurements. If you would like to visit us at the Dig For Victory shop to be measured and to then have a fitting when the dress is complete, this will cost £50 -£60 depending on the chosen style.

  • "Made to Measure" Info

    Below are the full set of measurements that we would need to tailor make the dress. There is a diagram at the bottom to help show how to take them.

    Please take the measurements in your underwear, preferably while wearing the type of bra/underwear that you will wear under the finished dress (we recommend a supportive non-strapless bra). We are looking for the actual measurements of your body when relaxed, so no need to add any ease to your measurements, but also please don't pull the tape measure so tight that it squeezes your body at all or is uncomfortable.

    Tip: We recommend tying a piece of ribbon around your natural waist first (smallest part of your waist) as this will help you to take some of your measurements


    Overbust - Take this around your chest above your bust, with the tape measure going under each armpit and around your back and meeting at the front.

    Bust - This is not the same as your bra size, take this around the fullest part of your bust, taken whilst wearing whatever type of bra you would normally wear under the dress. Take the tape measure around the back and meet at the front.

    Underbust measurement - Take this around the ribcage just under the bust

    Natural waist - It is important that this measurement is taken at the smallest part of your waist, this is normally 1 or 2 inches above your belly button. This may be higher than where you are used to wearing your clothing. Our dresses are a vintage style fit, which sits higher on the waist compared to most modern clothing.

    Low Waist - This is around the circumference of your tummy, approximately 1 inch below the belly button

    Shoulder seam to underbust - Take this from the top of your shoulder with the tape measure going over the middle of one breast to the bottom of your bra (see photo) This is to make sure that the top of the waistband sits snugly just underneath your bust

    Underbust to Natural Waist -  This measurement is taken from underneath your bust, where you took the previous measurement to. You can use the under wiring of your bra as a starting point and take it down to where you took the natural waist measurement (this is where the ribbon comes in handy!)

    This is to determine the width of the waistband on the dress, the standard width is 10.5cm/4 inches but the waistband may need to be a little narrower if you are petite or high waisted, or a little wider if you are taller or have a long torso.

    Back length - Take this from the nape of your neck, the ‘knobbly bit’, down to your natural waist (again, the ribbon!)

    Arm Scye - This is the measurement that determines the size of the arm holes of the garment. Please take this measurement all the way around the top of your shoulder and under your armpit so that the tape measure goes all the way around and meets at the top (see photo)

    Shoulder width - This should be taken straight across the back of the shoulders, from the corner of one shoulder to the corner of the other. Please try to do this without curving the tape measure around the sides of the arms.

    Skirt Length - Our default skirt length tends to be knee length, so if you would like the skirt shorter or longer, say around mid calf or ‘Tea length’, then please let us know and also take the measurement accordingly. Stand in front of a mirror and measure this by taking the tape measure from your natural waist down the middle of one leg to where you would like the skirt to finish (try not to lean forward when you do this!)

    Upper arm circumference - Gently take the tape measure around the fullest part of your upper arm

    Above elbow - The circumference of your arm just above the elbow

    Bra Size - This can be approximate as we know it will be different in different shops.

    Height - Feet or cms are both fine.


    If you are happy to do so then you can also include a full body photo of yourself (this can be done while fully clothed) and add any extra information you can give us regarding your shape and any issues you commonly encounter in the fit of your clothes. This will help us ensure a good fit and might also help us identify any anomalies (inaccuracies) in the measurements you have given us.

    Also, please note that this style of dress is designed to be snug fitting on the waist and close fitting on the bodice and so we generally do not add ease to the waist measurements and only add 1cm of ease to the bust and underbust measurements. However, if you do not find snug fitting, non-stretchy clothes comfortable then please let us know and we can put some extra breathing room into your garment.

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