I like one of the dresses on your site but I would like it made with a different neckline/sleeve style/fabric etc. Is this possible?

The short answer to this is yes. All of the different elements of our designs can be mixed and matched to create your own unique dress, so if you like the skirt on one dress but the bodice style on another, or the fabric of one dress but the shape of another, it is most likely that we will be able to put those things together for you.

There are a few different ways of placing an order. Many of the dresses in our Shop by Dress section have options on them for selecting different lengths/sleeve styles and sometimes different colours of fabric. Alternatively, in our Shop by Fabric section you can choose the fabric that you like first and then choose the bodice style, skirt style and sleeve style from the options provided. If you would like to add a lace overlay for a more bespoke wedding or occasion dress then use our Design Your Own Dress app to get a quote, and if you are not sure of which the best way to order is just contact us directly to let us know what you would like and we will take it from there.

I would like to order one of the dresses on your site but can I have it made full length?

Yes, the majority of our dresses can be made in any length that you like and most will look fantastic full length. Some of the dress listings in our Shop by Dress section have options on them to choose the skirt length when ordering. If the dress that you like doesn't have this option then contact us to find out if it is possible.

Do you have a shop where I can come and try the dresses on?

Yes, we have a bricks and mortar shop/studio in Brighton (see address herewhere we make the dresses and where you are very welcome to come and visit us to see them in person. The shop is very small (we have only one fitting room) and so we are open by appointment only. At your appointment you will be able to try some dresses on, discuss options for having something custom made with us and then get measured and place an order if you choose to do so. Please be aware, however, that as the majority of our dresses are made to order, we don't have each dress made up in multiple sizes, but we do make sure that there is a selection of styles to try on in each size.

How long does it take to have a (non-wedding) dress made?

The production time for the majority of our non-wedding dresses is 3-8 weeks to have a dress made to measure or 2-6 weeks to have a dress made in a standard size, plus 2-3 days for UK delivery or 1-2 weeks for international shipping.

How long does it take to have a wedding dress made?

Most of our brides order their wedding dresses 5-8 months in advance of their weddings as this leaves plenty of time in case any adjustments need to be made, but is close enough to avoid any drastic fluctuations in size. However, if your size is significantly changing for some reason, or if your wedding is already not far away, we do have an express service available and have been known to make a wedding dress in as little as 1 month in exceptional circumstances. Conversely, we love a well organised bride, and if your size is fairly stable then there is no reason not to order your dress a year in advance and relax in the run up to your wedding knowing that an important part of it is already sorted!

I'm getting married next year, when should I come to you for a fitting for a dress?

This is mainly up to you and depends to some extent on whether you tend to stay the same size or whether your weight tends to fluctuate, and also how easy it is for you to get to us and therefore how many times you are able to visit.

It is never too early to book an initial appointment to come in to have a look at our different styles and fabrics and start to get an idea of what you might want to have made. A lot of people do this 8-12 months before their wedding. If your weight is stable then there is nothing to stop you ordering your dress and getting measured at this point too, or you could put down a fabric deposit and make an appointment to come back and get measured closer to the time. However, if your weight fluctuates a bit and you live a bit further away and it would therefore be difficult to make multiple visits then a safer time to come in might be 5-8 months before your wedding (or 2-4 months if you have already organised an express order) so you can choose your fabric/design and get measured all at the same appointment.

Can I see a sample of one/some of your fabrics?

We know that a photo can never 100% capture the colour and texture of a fabric and display it on a screen and that is why we are happy to send out samples of any of our fabrics so you can see and feel them in the flesh. There are options to order swatches on all of the fabrics in our Shop by Fabric section or please contact us with your postal address if you would like to see a sample of something that is not displayed there.

Can I provide my own fabric to have a dress made from?

Yes. We love to see what fabrics our customers bring to us to have made into special dresses and sometimes to hear the stories behind them. Contact us with your approximate size and the style of dress you are interested in and we will tell you how much fabric you will need and what type of fabric would be suitable.

I would like to order a standard sized dress but my bust measurement matches one of your sizes whereas my waist measurement matches another. What should I do?

If your bust measurement matches a different standard size than your waist measurement this means you would benefit from having a dress “made to measure” as neither of the standard sizes will be quite the right fit. Every woman's shape is different and that is why no standard size system will match everybody's proportions. Because our dresses are very fitted and are made from non stretchy fabrics this is more apparent with our dresses than with loose fitting or stretchy clothing and that is why we offer a “made to measure” service – so that you can get a beautifully tailored dress that is fitted exactly to your own individual body shape.  However, if your measurements are very close to matching one of our standard sizes and you are unsure whether “made to measure” is necessary then it might be an idea to take the full set of measurements and send it to us at digforvictory.el@gmail.com (also letting us know what style of dress you are interested in) and we can advise you on whether it might be possible to have the dress made in a standard size.

I would like to order a made to measure dress from you online. Do I need to go and see a professional to have my measurements taken?

No. Every professional seamstress will have their own different method for taking measurements which will not necessarily be the same as ours. The best thing to do is to ask a friend or family member to help you and to read and go through our instructions carefully. We would recommend taking all of the measurements twice in order to highlight any errors (although please bear in mind it is normal for there to be a slight variation each time you take the measurements depending on posture/whether you're breathing in or out etc). If you do decide to go to a professional to have the measurements taken then please print out and take with you our instructions and diagram for taking the set of measurements that we need and make sure they follow them rather than their own method.

Can I send you my measurements in cms rather than inches?

Yes, this is no problem at all. We are happy to work with either.

Do you have any vegan wedding dresses?

We know that if you are vegan then you may not want to have a dress made from silk and so we have various other bridal fabrics to choose from, including an original 1960s vintage satin made from rayon in pearl white, a soft ivory linen or velvet, or a pale cream/blush cotton twill. Added to this is of course our huge selection of many coloured synthetic taffetas, cotton velvets and vintage print cottons for those who don't want to have a dress made in a traditional bridal colour.

Are your dresses lined?

Yes. All of our dresses are fully lined, usually with cotton or a self lining on the bodice and a synthetic anti-static lining on the skirt to stop it clinging to your legs if worn with tights. However, if you prefer to avoid synthetic fibres or you live in a hot country and wouldn't ever be wearing tights then most of the dresses can be made with a cotton skirt lining for a small extra cost or without a skirt lining – just contact us for more info.

Are your dresses made in the UK?

Yes. All of our dresses are made from start to finish by our small team of seamstresses right here in Brighton, England.